Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My first blog ever. It would make sense to celebrate the first blog with a recipe or something, right? But as it turns out....I am fresh out of ideas! Honestly, I am not sure I even want to start a blog, or be committed to keeping up with it. Family and friend have always encouraged me to start my own blog. Ever since I started my "photo blog" on Facebook, people have asked me to share recipes. But in all honesty, it just feels like a huge commitment and a lot of work!

I mean come on....Blogging? For one, I'd have to start measuring my ingredients and actually write down the recipes. No more a dash of this, a pinch of that. Second, I'd have to take pictures with my subpar Cannon G10 which has a tiny crack on the lens (Don't tell the husband). And lastly, I have to write about entire experience. Write? I hate writing! No offense, numbers are my friends, words elude me. And what if I don't keep up with it? Or even worse, what if no one reads it?!?!

So then you might ask, why are you blogging Bhumika?

Well I have been fostering this idea for a few months now. Actually, ever since I joined the Biggest Loser-San Diego. A strong group of women who started a 2 month weight loss journey together. Everyday for two month, we posted on Facebook, our daily caloric intake, daily exercise, shared tips/recipes and more importantly, motivated each other to lose weight. This adventure was a huge success and as a team we lost over 90 pounds! For me personally, becoming aware of what I was putting in my mouth is what really helped me reach my goals. 

During this time I started reading a lot of health food blogs and fitness website I came across. I even joined Pinterest to help me keep track of all the great finds. I feel that I have so much I want to share and maybe if I am able to help one person out with this blog, well, then all the work is worth the effort. And don’t get me wrong, this isn't a blog about eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. For one, I don’t eat healthy and if I did then I wouldn't have to worry about losing weight. ;)

This blog is about the simple things in life that we crave and can never have enough of. Whether it's the endorphin high you experience after an exhilarating workout or the warm fuzzy feeling you get from drinking hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon while wearing your husband's college sweatshirt. Life is about celebrating those small moments of happiness which no matter how many times we experience, we can never have enough of.     

With that said... I hear by commence The Insatiable Appetite!

(Cricket chirping)

Um, okay then. 

So, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. 
Good night and please come back. :)